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Update Spring/Summer 2012

Late spring was a good one here. Recorded a new Ep for Sex Church due out soon and a single for White Lung coming out on some euro label. We’ve also been finishing up some in house records by Von Bingen and Magneticring, Keep your ears open for those ones in the fall!


Here’s a track by The Godspot recorded & Mixed at Otic Sound in the Fall 2011.

Godspot – The Back of my Hand

The Albertans

The Albertans just posted a track to Soundcloud of their new single, recorded at Otic Sound by Joshua Stevenson.

Update Feb 2012

Its been a very busy last few months here at the Studio. We did the sound design for the National Film Board of Canada project BEAR 71. Steve Hauschildt of the group EMERALDS came and recorded a new solo record for Kranky in January. And now we’re recording a new record for the local group Nü Sensae for the label Suicide Squeeze.

We’ve got open slots in March and April so get in touch if your interested in coming in.

– josh

Update Oct 2011

In the last month we’re done new recordings for Vancouver’s Roll Mach, The Albertans & The Godspot. Looking forward to Violet Age coming in later this month and Tyranahorse in early November.

Sex Church’s new album “Growing Over” was just released by Load Records on Oct 11th. Pick up a copy of the Lp! Produced here at Otic Sound!

Sequential Circuits Pro One

Univox Maxikorg (KORG DV800)

AMEK M1000 Installed

Sex Church Album out Oct 11 on Load Records!


Their new Lp on Load Record comes out Oct 11th! Recorded at Otic Sound May 2011

“Left coast sound funnel that shaves forty score cortex cells off on contact. A
rock band you see, with the power of a jar full of out of code Oxycotin, hitting
it hard on your sorry pate. The attitude may be sickly and the guitars may
bleet, but this double guitar troop furrow with FX of truly claustrophobic origin
and seek the shiny skin inside your ear. Up until now they have left some 7
inches and a LP, but their pale limo arrives to the door and goes right on in.
Go through this green door and go cruising right on through with the hot
breath of a Sex Church blowing over shoulder. This record really arrives and
tells a heavy tale, so please sprinkle some lighter fluid on your skin and hop
into the fire. While not the record to start the party with, this will make perfect
sense when you reach for the last can.” – LOAD RECORDS

Heavy Chains – recorded at Otic Sound – Oct 2010

Heavy Chains – Tommy Toucher Chains – Tommy Toucher.mp3

Being released on 12″ by Broadway to Boundary May 2010