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Category Archives: updates

Update Spring/Summer 2012

Late spring was a good one here. Recorded a new Ep for Sex Church due out soon and a single for White Lung coming out on some euro label. We’ve also been finishing up some in house records by Von Bingen and Magneticring, Keep your ears open for those ones in the fall!

Update Feb 2012

Its been a very busy last few months here at the Studio. We did the sound design for the National Film Board of Canada project BEAR 71. Steve Hauschildt of the group EMERALDS came and recorded a new solo record for Kranky in January. And now we’re recording a new record for the local group Nü […]

Update Oct 2011

In the last month we’re done new recordings for Vancouver’s Roll Mach, The Albertans & The Godspot. Looking forward to Violet Age coming in later this month and Tyranahorse in early November. Sex Church’s new album “Growing Over” was just released by Load Records on Oct 11th. Pick up a copy of the Lp! Produced here […]