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Joshua Stevenson is now primarily doing Mastering and Post-Production Audio for art and film.



Peace – Magic Cities, recorded and mixed at Otic Sound

Lt. Frank Dickens, recorded and mixed at Otic Sound

Otic Mastering

We now have a detailed site regarding our mastering services.

Mastering by Joshua Stevenson

Sinoia Caves ” forthcoming album ‘Beyond The Black Rainbow – Original Soundtrack’,

Mixed at Otic Sound by Joshua Stevenson.


Sinoia Caves “Forever Dilating Eye” from the forthcoming album ‘Beyond The Black Rainbow – Original Soundtrack’, out 09/02/14 on LP/ Digital from Jagjaguwar + Death Waltz Records

Jagjaguwar is excited to announce the release of the soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos’ Beyond The Black Rainbow on 9/02. This album will be available in the United States and digitally world-wide on Jagjaguwar and physically in Europe on Death Waltz Records. This supposed “lost film” from the 1980s is inspired by obscure sci-fi movies and classic dystopian fiction – watch the trailer here. Created by Sinoia Caves, the ongoing project of Jeremy Schmidt – a disciple of the long-form cosmic synthesizer soundscape, and member of Canadian psych-and-prog pioneers Black Mountain – the soundtrack draws on inspiration from Tangerine Dream, Wendy Carlos and John Carpenter. Schmidt artfully navigates the various sonic sensibilities of his predecessors, incoporating touchstones such as mellotron choirs, glacial analogue synthesizer pads and arpeggiators. The result is ominously beauitful, otherworldly and terrifying.

This mesmerizing effect is evident in “Forever Dilating Eye” the first track off of Beyond The Black Rainbow

Lightening Dust Remix project Mastered by Josh at Otic Sound!

Preview of new Koban album produced at Otic Sound

A track off Koban’s upcoming Ep on Weyrd Son Records from Belgium.

Destroyer – Ideas For Songs

Mastered by Josh Stevenson from original cassette for vinyl and digital reissue in 2010.


Recent Ep by Vancouver’s The Wandering Halls,
Recorded and Mixed at Otic Sound by Josh Stevenson.

Retrieval by Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett on Blackest Ever Black

Dark Ambient Synth Album Recorded at Otic Sound and Mixed by Randall Dunn in Seattle.

Retrieval is the debut collaborative album from Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett.

Artist and composer Coloccia was a founding member of Everlovely Lightningheart, and is perhaps best known as one half of Mamiffer. She has contributed to recordings by House Of Low Culture, Boris and William Fowler Collins among others, and collaborations with Circle and Daniel Menche are forthcoming. Alex Barnett played in Oakeater but since 2009 has been active primarily as a solo artist, with releases on Catholic Tapes, DRAFT, Nihilist and others.

Following an initial exchange of ideas, the bulk of Retrieval was recorded over three intensive days at Otic Sound in Vancouver, with Coloccia contributing treated vocals, tape-manipulated acoustic recordings and AM radio sounds, and Barnett adding an array of synth instruments to create further loops, drum sounds and other rhythmic elements.They then reconvened at AVAST! studio in Seattle for a final session of mixing and editing with engineer/producer Randall Dunn.

The resulting LP is about time and place, synthesis and environment. It’s an invitation into the woods, to find that which reveals itself only to the lost. A grave, deeply introspective work, pastoral in essence but cosmic in scope.

Opening with the stately, medievalist sequences of ‘Harbor’, Retrieval’s narrative takes in subdued techno abstraction (‘Hallway’), chrondritic psychedelia (‘So, How Much Do You Know About Me?’), saw mill gear-grind (‘Repeating Pit’) and eldritch noise invocations (‘Retrieval’, ‘Bird’s Eye’). Throughout, it invigorates without consoling.